Plastic boxes

CP (Centre-Packs) - Plastic boxes for single piece packaging

  • for various sizes and lengths of tools
  • various colours, transparent or directly in your corporate colours
  • great product protection
  • ideal for description and imprint


QP (Quadro-Packs/Telescopic Tubes) - Plastic telescopic boxes for single piece packaging

  • ideal for packing products of various lengths
  • adjustable length
  • ideal for description and imprint
  • simple storage
  • great product protection
  • durability of packaging


MB (Multi-Boxes) – Big plastic boxes for sigle piece packaging

  • complex packing conditions
  • foam inserts produced or cut by machine in various densities and colours
  • suitable not only for packaging and protection of individual products but also sets or collections


SP (Snap-Packs) - Plastic boxes for bulk packaging

  • it concerns a set consisting of 5 easily separable packaging items
  • the mass packaging system enables product protection of a higher quality
  • much cheaper than independent boxes
  • well-arranged storage of the range of goods


IB (Insert-Boxes) – Small plastic boxes for bulk packaging

  • the new range of the offer has over 20 different arrangement options of the box
  • various sizes for packaging inserts in 5 and in 10 sections
  • foam storage; it offers flexibility according to the requirements of the customer
  • ideal for description and imprint