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Hofmeister company offers sale, assembly and service of TRANSOR filtration systems.

TRANSOR filtration systems for metal-working are high-performance individual or central filtration aggregates equipped with all the required equipment for reliable supplies to machines operating in the continuous operation mode.

The TRANSOR filtration device has a unique technical solution of filters with automatic regeneration. This solution extends the service life of filters by several years.


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Automatic aggregates enable to operate the machines without supervision; the same applies to the filtration aggregates, too. The modular composition of the central filtration equipment ensures reliable operation. The equipment is manufactured pursuant to individual requirements of the customer and local conditions with flow-through quantity ranging from 3 to 100 m3/hour and volume of the tanks from 200 to 30,000 litres. At request, it is possible to locate these tanks to different heights to save space. The equipment can be connected to any type of machine. The connection of the filtration system is realized on order, including the supplying and flushing piping.